I once told my wife that I fall in love with all of the people I shoot… 

Photography is my vocation, possibly even my affliction. It's all consuming and my love of all things makes it hard for my wife to get through to me without saying… "did you hear me?", at least three times on any given day. I love iron railings, the sound of motorbikes, telephone cables hanging in the air, shadows on the tarmac, blurred speakers as they resonate, tiles that fit a wall without ever being cut, repetition of any visual kind and I love the shapes and lines of the people I shoot. 

I have tried to find perfection in my work but more often it’s the imperfections that impress me most of all. I once had a client apologise for the person I had to shoot a portrait of and I held my tongue. I was blown away by the shapes and facets of his face and the way his glasses sat further down one side than the other. The un-washed, un-combed hair, the general sense of genius about him. I thought him too good to be true.   

I have been fortunate enough to work with some of the world's best known brands, from Google and HSBC to McDonalds and GE, along with more local companies like Aviva and Forward 3D to Creative Assembly and Balfour Beatty.

I approach each and every shoot with an open and optimistic mind, keeping the objective of the project and the constraints set out in the brief, at the heart of the shoot.

I shoot people in all sorts of ways and places and I love that most of all… perhaps that’s not true. My sons Foxton and Griffin... I think I love them most of all.